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Solvent Cleaners

Solvent Cleaners

Shur Solv

A completely non-flammable, non-toxic and non-conductive liquid. It instantly removes dirt, grease, oil and sludge. Spray, swab, or apply with cloth and wipe away. 

In Solv

A blend of solvents with exceptional grease cutting properties. This industrially safe product is an efficient cleaner of electric motors, equipment, machinery and tools. It will not oxidize, stain, etch or dull any metallic surface. 

Penetron PC

A blend of highly refined petroleum distillates, non-conducting surface tension reducing agents, and terpene hydrocarbons. This product contains no chlorinated solvents. Recommended for re-circulating bath washes, parts washers, soak tanks, ultrasonic baths and more. 

Floor Prep

A waterless cleaner for use in removing dust, dirt and other surface soils from wood floors. This product can be used after sanding or discing and prior to the application of wood floor seals and coatings. 

Seal Strip

A non-flammable blend of solvents designed for removing solvent based seals from masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, terrazzo, quarry tile and other similar surfaces.