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Industrial Specialties


Liquid Industrial Specialities


A 100% active, citrus-based product used to remove a wide range of soil types. It easily replaces harsh solvents, caustics and acids in your maintenance program. This highly concentrated cleaner is ideal for use on carpets, drains, showers, graffiti, odor problems, heavy grease and oil, tar, asphalt and much more. 

32-Plus Leak Detector

For use in locating leaks in air lines, gas connections, condensers, tanks and more. This product locates the smallest of leaks and pinpoints the location with a cluster of hard to miss bubbles. This product is for use at temperatures above freezing. 

Gas & Air Leak Detector

This low temperature leak detector is for use in locating leaks on gas connections, air lines, condensers, tanks, cylinders, evaporators and much more. The superior seeping qualities help it identify even the smallest of pressure leaks. Effective to -10°Fahrenheit. 

Liquid Steam All

Where stubborn soils demand steam cleaning or pressure washing this one does the job. Grease and oil are effectively removed using hot or cold water. Spray on and watch it work! 

Liquid Heavy Duty Steam All

Designed for used in steam cleaning operations where stubborn soils or heavy accumulations of grease, dirt or oil demand a heavy duty, alkaline cleaning agent. Effective in hot or cold water this strong cleaner should be used by experienced personnel. Use it to clean and degrease parts, tools, heavy equipment, machinery, motors, and much, much more. 

ShurCool 125, 150, 1100

This product is a blend of synthetic lubricants, organic esters, and wetting agents that provide increased cooling capability, cleaner operations, and improved workpiece visibility. This coolant in non-flammable, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is formulated to prevent rancidity in solution. Available in 3 concentration strengths - 125 (1:125), 150 (1:150), 1100 (1:100). 


A biologically enhanced liquid containing selectively adapted strains of organisms for use in degrading organic wastes found in portable toilets and holding tanks. This concentrate controls odors and eliminates sludge build-up which causes odors. 


Powdered Industrial Compounds

Powdered cleaners offer two very important benefits and should be considered when selecting a cleaning agent: 1.) Powered compounds are highly concentrated. They can be formulated at 100% active levels unlike water-based liquids. 2.) Powdered compounds are more economical to use than most liquid cleaning agents. 

Steam All

A product designed specifically for grease and oil. Works equally well on both petroleum-based soils and animal and vegetable oils. As little as 1/2 ounce per gallon of water will effectively remove these soils. Best suited for high pressure systems with 140° to 200° F water. Free rinsing and 100% active, this powder is safe for use on all surfaces. 

Heavy Duty Steam All

All the benefits of our standard steam cleaner with and added alkaline punch to handle extra tough, stubborn soil. This 100% active powder can do the job with as little as 1/2 ounce per gallon of warm or hot water. It is best suited for high pressure systems. It is not recommended for use on soft metals. 

APS, Multi-Purpose Powdered Cleaner

A versatile cleaner for manual, pressure spray or soak cleaning. This detergent is excellent for cleaning animal fats, protein and other soils from any hard surface. Excellent for equipment, walls, floors, tables, pots and pans. It rinses completely and easily leaving no residue  

Clean Out

An industrial strength cleaner for use in removing animal and vegetable fats, petroleum oils, grease, carbon, paint and other tough soil. Use it to clean floors, walls, equipment, parts and much more. This powdered compound has the heavy duty action required for most cleaning applications. Contains 25% caustic. Do not use on soft metals. 

Boil Out

A highly alkaline powdered compound for use as an extra heavy duty cleaner for cooking vats and fryers. Removes animal and vegetable oils, cooked on foods, carbonized oils, as well as paint, rust, and burned on fuel deposits in heavy industrial hot vat cleaning operations. Do not use on soft metals. 

LS Stripper

A hot tank and vat cleaner for removing heavy soil, oil, grease, rust, paint, animal and vegetable fat. This powder is a blend of chelating, wetting and anti-caking agents and alkaline detergents. Not for use on soft metals such as tin, aluminum and zinc. 

TAS Concrete Cleaner

Powdered cleaner for concrete floors, driveways, or wherever automotive or pedestrian soil accumulates. It contains a special penetration and emulsification system which helps insure removal of dirt, grease, oil and other soil. 

Heavy Duty Concrete Cleaner

A premium grade powdered compound that cleans where others fail. Use it on old and new concrete to penetrate, emulsify and lift heavy accumulations of oil, grease and grime. Use it in solution or sprinkle directly onto wet floor. Contains no harsh ingredients. 

Pine Concrete Cleaner

A heavy duty concrete cleaner for all masonry surfaces. It effectively cuts grease and oil while whitening, brightening and deodorizing concrete at the same time. This product contains pine oil - natures own emulsifier. Grease and oil are removed and flushed away leaving no residue behind. 

Cannon Bead Drain Cleaner

A pellet form of drain line cleaner. This high alkaline bead works quickly to remove stoppages from industrial and institutional drains. Do not mix with any other chemical. 

Ice Melt

A time release de-icer that works through thermal action. This white pelletized compound melts ice and snow without leaving an unsightly residue. This product will not rust or corrode metal, kill vegetation, pit or stain concrete, or harm carpet or flooring. One pellet of this compound melts approximately 2 square inches of ice.