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Detergents & Degreasers

Detergents & Degreasers


An excellent industrial cleaner and degreaser for those interested in effectiveness and economical pricing. A blend of penetrants, emulsifiers and surfactants, this cleaner can be used on most hard surfaces. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. 

Hydene 202

A non-butyl concentrate that can truly be called all purpose. The unusual detergent properties produce a degreaser-cleaner that gives unbelievable results on tough soils and on most any washable surface. This product is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. 

Blue Solv

A premium grade degreaser formulated with superior p-series glycol ethers. It is highly effective for cleaning heavy deposits of grease, oil and other difficult soils. Use it on motors, pumps, machinery, equipment, floors and walls. Use it in pressure washers, steam cleaners, automatic scrubbers or by hand with a mop or brush. This product is highly concentrated - as little as 1 ounce per gallon of water is often sufficient. 

Blue Max

A non-butyl concentrate that can truly be called all purpose. The unusual detergent properties produce a degreaser-cleaner that gives unbelievable results on tough soils and on most any washable surface. This product is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. 

Strong Arm

This highly concentrated degreaser is formulated with an extra kick for those so-called “uncleanable” cleaning problems. Use it to penetrate heavy accumulations of grease and grime. Mop it on, spray it on, or use it in your automatic scrubber. This highly alkaline cleaner is not recommended for repeated use on tin, zinc or aluminium. 

Break Out

A high foaming, heavy duty cleaning agent designed to attack greasy soil, animal and vegetable fat, protein and food residue. It quickly penetrates to lift heavy accumulations of soil from table, counters, floors, walls, blades, grinders and other tools and equipment. 

Grand Slam

Grand Slam is a very powerful cleaner that utilizes a proprietary surfactant blend to outperform many of the strongest solvents currently in use today.  This unique product provides superior cleaning and degreasing performance while also having an improved environmental profile. It dramatically reduces the concerns regarding combustibility, noxious and unpleasant odors, worker safety and atmospheric environmental pollution and disposal. Use in water based parts washing systems and soak tank operations as well as for heavy duty degreasing of any hard surface using mop/bucket or spray and wipe applications.

Citrus Degreaser

This versatile, citrus-based cleaner-degreaser is formulated to make cleaning jobs easier while producing superior results. This multi-purpose degreaser finds wide usage in a variety of industrial, commercial and institutional cleaning jobs. Use it on floors, walls, ovens, tools, machinery and other surfaces not affected by water. 

Extreme Green

Green Zone Certified

An environmentally preferred, all purpose degreaser-cleaner that easily replaces traditional, non-friendly products. Formulated to remove stubborn soil such as dirt, petroleum grease and oil, soap scum and animal and vegetable fats/oils. It is ideal for use on walls, floors, tile, vinyl, metal, porcelain, concrete and other surfaces not affected by water. 

Seven EP

Green Zone Certified 

Certified as environmentally preferred, this highly concentrated, neutral cleaner is easy to use and designed for daily use. It is formulated with low foaming action, will not streak or haze and does not require a clear water rinse when used as directed. It is ideal for maintaining the high gloss on finished flooring and can be used with a mop and bucket or in an automatic scrubber. Formulated for reduced environmental impact and human health concerns while still maintaining superior performance. 

Film Free-7

A time and labor saver! This mild, general purpose concentrate has a true neutral pH that leaves no residue or dulling film. Mop down and pick up rinse in necessary. As little as 1 - 2 ounces per gallon of water will handle normal accumulations of soil. 


An all around people and surface safe cleaner that is effective against a wide variety of soil.  This neutral pH product will handle your typical grease, grime and dirt found in kitchens, offices, bathrooms and warehouse.  The pleasant lavender fragrance aids in odor control issues and leaves a fresh lingering scent after the cleaning is completed.

Quick Pink

Here’s an all purpose cleaner that lives up to its name. Just 1 - 2 ounces per gallon of water is effective in cleaning walls, floors, counters, cooking equipment and other surfaces. Excellent for use wherever a mild cleaner is desired. 


A general purpose concentrate safe for use by even inexperience personnel. This thick, pink liquid is free rinsing and contains no harsh solvents or alkalis. With a pH of 9.5 it is mild enough for any surface. It is very effective at 1 ounce per gallon of water - making it very economical as well. 


An all purpose cleaner with excellent detergent properties. Use with confidence on all types of flooring, walls, countertops and any other hard surface. This unique all purpose cleaner is very effective at emulsifying and removing all types of grime including kitchen soil such as animal and vegetable grease and fat.

M-80 Mint, Lemon & Pine

This product is a heavy-duty cleaner formulated to provide maximum cleaning efficiency as it deodorizes. A single application removes dirt, grease and grime while leaving a pleasant mint, lemon or pine fragrance. This fluid contains a high level of “quat” but is not a registered product. 

Micro * Logic

This biologically enhanced cleaner will neutralize recurring odors that are difficult if not impossible to remove with ordinary cleaners and disinfectants. The organisms in this concentrate have been adapted for the accelerated degradation of grease, fat, protein, sugars, oil, blood, urine, vomit and other similar organic wastes, Ideal for floors, walls, counters, showers, urinals, commodes, waste disposal areas and other locations odor is a recurring problem.