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Liquid Automotive Specialities

Metro Blue Fleetwash Concentrate

This product features high concentration, no visible foam, spot-free rinsing and effective film and grease cutting properties. Designed for high pressure spray applications. Excellent for drive through fleetwash systems such as those found in transit systems, taxi maintenance, municipalities and other fleet operations. Contains no ingredients that can harm paint, rubber or glass. 

LS Blue - Liquid Car Wash

Highly concentrated liquid that is designed for auto fleet or commercial car wash operations. It can be used in either automatic or pressure spray systems. This moderate foaming blue liquid is free rinsing and dries without streaking or spotting. 

Foaming Brush Concentrate

This highly concentrated car wash is designed for extremely high foam applications. Use this product in conjunction with a foaming brush found in commercial operations. It is a free rinsing liquid designed to remove road film, dirt and insects. 

Carnauba Hot Wax

Designed for use in automatic car wash systems, this product is a blend of carnauba waxes and emulsifiers. It is safe for use on all painted cars and trucks. This product is highly concentrated and should be diluted prior to use. No buffing is required. 

Whitewall Cleaner

A liquid whitewall, blackwall, hub and wheel cleaner. This highly alkaline liquid dilutes up to 10 to 1 for effective tire cleaning. Works with or without brush agitation or pressure action depending on the severity of the condition. Nor for use on auto bodies. 


A white emulsion coating used to restore, protect, and beautify worn rubber, vinyl, metal, leatherette and more. The polish out leaves behind a high gloss and a protective coating to retard water, fingerprints, dust and dirt. For use on dashboards, tires, vinyl tops, seats, furniture and much more. 


A ready for use cleaner designed for use on vinyl, rubber, plastic, chrome and painted surfaces. This spray and wipe liquid works quickly to remove dirt, grease, body oils, nicotine and other soils commonly found in auto interiors. 


Powdered Automotive Compounds

Auto Spray Wash

One of the finest truck and car washes on the market. It features controlled foam, 100% active ingredients, easy rinsing, freedom from spotting, 100% water solubility and much, much more. Designed for use on cars, trucks, buses and equipment. Its versatility lends itself for use in high pressure systems, spray and rotary brush systems, pressure wand or manual bucket and brush usage. 

Blue Car Wash

This free flowing powder provides all the cleaning power normally required in fleet washing. It has good cleaning effectiveness on road dirt, mud, insects and other typical soils. This product dissolves completely so as not to clog equipment. It will not harm rubber, glass, and paint. Truly an economical yet effective fleet wash compound.  

Brown Truck & Car Wash

A heavy duty vehicle wash that cuts dirt while cutting the cost of truck and car washing. This formula works equally well with pressure wand cleaning or manual applications. Use with confidence where dirt and oily soils present a cleaning problem. 

Engine Cleaner

An extremely active cleaner for use in low pressure and high pressure cleaning of automobile engines, transmissions and drive trains where heavy grease and oil is a problem. Works effectively in manual cleaning with a bucket and brush. It does not contain caustic so it is safe to use on metal surfaces. Do not use on painted surfaces. 

Super Tire Cleaner

A tire cleaner that does the work for you. This extremely active compound thoroughly cleans whitewall and blackwall tires, hubs, and wheels without the use of harsh caustic. Excellent for use on wheel covers, spokes, and similar hard to clean wheels.