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Floor Care

Floor Care


Brilliance 25

This high solid, long wearing finish dries bright and responds to any maintenance program. One coat is all it takes to provide a beautiful, anti-slip surface on any floor type. The 24 -25% solid content provides an extremely durable, water wet shine 

Gold Coat Floor Finish

A thermoplastic, metal cross-link polymer floor finish that produces a superior high gloss, long wearing film, that responds well to high speed and ultra high speed burnishers. This high solid finish is at the top of its class in gloss, durability and ease of application. 

Hy-Gloss Floor Finish

Formulated using state-of-the-art technology, this finish offers brilliant gloss, superior durability and excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. This 18-19% solid finish is an ideal choice for areas where time is limited and a high level of appearance is desired. 

Realite Floor Polish

A blend of tough acrylic co-polymers and resins - this floor finish is ideal for maintenance programs where high levels of gloss and appearance are desired. This finish dries bright and is extremely scuff and detergent resistant. It fits into buffing and non-buffing maintenance programs equally well. 

Classic Floor Finish

A floor finish that offers durability plus high gloss with minimal maintenance. Whether you buff once a month or once a day, this finish offers long term wear properties that withstand high traffic while maintaining a high level of appearance. For use with 175 to 2000 rpm floor machines. 

De-Light Floor Finish

This 16 - 17% solid finish dries to a high gloss and responds well to spray buffing and dry buffing. This long -wearing finish will produce beautiful results on all types of resilient flooring. It can be completely removed with any good stripper. 


A uniquely formulated, high solid blend of polymers designed for use on hard surfaces such as terrazzo, pavers, granite, Mexican tile & more. Exceptional gloss and durability are just 2 of its many outstanding features. 

Impress Floor Finish

Green Zone Certified

Impress is a technologically advanced product formulated to answer the demand for environmentally friendly floor care. This high solid finish exhibits exceptional gloss and durability and responds beautifully whether using a 175 rpm machine or propane burnisher. This versatile finish fits easily into any established maintenance program. 


This water-based polymer sealer represents a major breakthrough in sealer chemistry. It provides outstanding levels of durability and gloss not commonly found in undercoat/sealers. It is an ideal choice for all types of resilient flooring. 

Kleen & Shine

A combination of cleaning agents and polymers formulated for modern spray-buffing floor care programs. It simultaneously cleans the floor and restores the polish to its original shine. Recommended for use on all resilient floor finishes. This product is ready to use but can be diluted with up to 3 parts water for further economy. 

UHS Specialist

An ultra high speed spray buff solution designed especially for today’s modern high speed floor finishes. This product will remove surface dirt, marks and scratches while it repairs the finish to its highest possible luster. Use it straight or dilute it with up to 2 parts water. Dissipates friction heat, repairs the finish and improves the shine. 




An industrial strength, highly concentrated stripper that should be diluted at 4 ounces per gallon of water for most stripping jobs. The low, controlled foam of this ammoniated stripper makes it ideal for use with rotary floor machines where foam can often be a problem. 

Super S

A product for the heaviest of build-up problems or where multiple coats of finish would require repeated stripping. This strong, ammoniated stripper gives you that extra punch when you need it most. It is a blend of detergents, solvents and alkaline builders that penetrates heavy accumulations quickly. 

Shurkleen II

Strong ammonia substitutes do the job of ammonia without the unpleasant fumes and odor. This powerful stripper quickly penetrates to removes today’s durable finishes. As little as 4 ounces per gallon of water will handle most jobs. This product contains no harsh chemicals that can burn the floor. 

E-Z Strip

This product is a highly concentrated, non-ammoniated industrial strength stripper. The powerful detergents and water soluble solvents combine to produce a formidable cleaner for removing heavy accumulations of wax and finish, grease and dirt. 


This non-ammoniated stripper was developed specifically for difficult stripping operations where other strippers fail. Use for quick removal of multiple coat build-ups, old and/or extremely hard, over burnished films. This heavy duty, professional stripper is the ideal choice for your toughest stripping challenges.

Wipe Out

A floor finish re-emulsifier that dissolves old floor finish quickly and effortlessly without the use of floor machines, floor pads or other floor stripping equipment. This material works by chemically dissolving the film so that it may be vacuumed up or picked up with a mop. No rinse is required. Simply allow the floor to dry thoroughly and re-apply the finish. 


A unique, ready to use stripper designed for the removal of severe finish and seal build-up from all types of flooring. Use on build-up along walls, in corners, on stairs and baseboards, under ledges and in other limited access areas. This thick material is ideal for use as a pre-treatment to regular stripping operations or as a detail/spot stripper. 

Seal Strip

A ready to use blend of liquid solvents designed for removing solvent based seals from masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, terrazzo, quarry tile and other similar surfaces as well as wood surfaces. 

Zip Strip

Green Zone Certified

An environmentally preferred, rinse free stripper that works quickly to remove multiple coats of finish with a single application. Removes traditional seals and finishes as well as “green” products.