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Brillance 25

This high solid, long wearing finish dries bright and responds to any maintenance program. One coat is all it takes to provide a beautiful, anti-slip surface on any floor type. The 24 -25% solid content provides an extremely durable, water wet shine. 



This people safe and surface safe concentrate is a multi-purpose cleaner that is very effective against a wide variety of soil. It is very effective on typical grease, grime and dirt found in kitchens, offices, bathrooms and warehouses. It cleans and leaves behind a pleasant, lingering fragrance to aid in malodor control. This neutral pH product is an effective time and labor saver as it does not require a rinse when used as directed. It leaves surfaces clean without streaks or dulling haze. 



This highly concentrated liquid produces a stable, low to moderate foam that is designed specifically for use in recirculating agitation wash sinks. It combines excellent grease cutting and food residue removal properties with a foam profile that is designed for use in this application. 


Film Free-7

This mild, yet effective cleaner is formulated for use in cleaning any surface not affected by water. It is ideal as a general purpose, mop-on cleaner or for use with an automatic scrubber. Use it with confidence on floors, walls, woodwork, countertops and more. 

When used as directed, this product can be an effective time and labor saver! The neutral pH and low foam properties allow to to virtually eliminate rinsing from your maintenance procedures. It leaves surfaces clean without streaks or dulling haze. 



This professionally balanced blend of carefully selected ingredients was developed specifically for those difficult stripping operations where other strippers fail. Brawny will efficiently remove multiple coat build-ups, old and/or extremely hard, over-burnished films. This unique formulation is designed to excel with superior penetration, solvency and emulsification properties.