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Acid Cleaners

Acid Cleaners


At a 10 -12 % active level, this phosphoric acid is a mild yet effective cleaner. Use it with confidence to dissolve soap scum, body oils and mineral deposits. This pleasantly scented liquid is safe to use on bright metals and porcelain surfaces. 

Strike Bowl Porcelain & Shower Cleaner

A non-fuming safe product for removing lime deposits, scale, uric acid stains, rust, grease soap scum, and other organic stains. It will not harm chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, porcelain, or ceramic tile. This is a phosphoric acid based liquid with total actives of 22%. This amber colored, vanilla scented liquid has a purple indicator dye to alert you if it hasn’t been properly rinsed. 


This one-step disinfectant-cleaner is formulated using “safe” acids to aid in removing tough hardwater deposits, soap scum and grime from hard non-porous surfaces. This EPA registered product is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting and controlling mold and mildew on porcelain, ceramic tile, bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, urinals, commodes, floors, counters and more. HIV/HEP A Effective


A mild, 10 - 12% hydrochloric acid cleaner used to help keep your commodes, urinals, and showers, sparkling clean. The lighter formulation reduces the hazards associated with the more concentrated acid cleaners. Use it to dissolve mineral deposits, uric acid salts, rust, and body oils. Avoid using on bright metals. 


A fast-acting hydrochloric acid blend for cleaning vitreous china bowls and urinals. With a minimum of 26% active ingredients, be assured that it exceeds performance requirements of heavy duty bowl cleaners. Avoid contact with plated faucets. This product should be used by experienced personnel. 

Tile & Grout Cleaner

This concentrate is specially formulated to clean and deodorize ceramic tile and grout. It removes discoloration and restores original color to grout joints. It is effective in removing soap scum, water scale and other unsightly stains and soil from porcelain, ceramic tile, fiberglass and bright metals. This product can be used full strength or diluted with up to 4 parts water. 


This concentrated deliming solution dissolves calcium carbonate and other hardwater build-up. It is safe for use on most hard surfaces and will not harm bright metal. This phosphoric acid based material is for use in commercial washing machines, steam cleaners, boilers, or wherever lime and calcium deposits may collect. 

Descale Concentrate

A highly concentrated acid-based liquid used for removing black scale and rust from brass, copper and steel. Ideal for use in cleaning and descaling boilers, heat exchanges, steam cleaning systems, and air conditioning systems. For most cleaning operations, mix 1 gallon of concentrate with 4 gallons of water. 

Aluminium Brightener

A highly concentrated acid cleaner and brightener developed for used on aluminium surfaces. It is designed to etch the surface removing oxides, road films, scum and diesel smoke deposits. The quick chemical action requires no scrubbing or buffing. This product can be used in hot or cold water and with or without agitation. Dilution ratios up to 1 part cleaner to 20 parts water can be used depending on severity of soil.